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FlexFund By the Numbers: What’s it Worth to Home Inspectors?

Guardian’s FlexFund program launched earlier this year, and our first real-world trials have been fantastically encouraging. We’ve run the numbers from our active users to show you what’s possible…

From June 1, 2022 through August 31, 2022, inspectors using the FlexFund program generated an average of $2,791 in additional revenue – and this was possible for our inspectors even if they made no other changes to their business processes beyond adding FlexFund as a payment option. At the high end, some of our early adopters generated as much as $30,000 in additional revenue for June and July!

Across all inspectors, invoice values increased by an average of 24%, or $124.18. Some inspectors doubled their average invoice values with FlexFund (the greatest increase we saw was an average per-inspection uptick of $194.51).

Inspectors raised their inspection price by an average of $14 to account for FlexFund service fees, but price increases (and the upselling of more ancillary services per inspection) encountered no resistance or pushback from clients.

How is this possible?

It’s simple.

FlexFund allows your clients to roll the cost of their inspections into their closing costs, which eliminates the need to handle any large transactions in the period leading to their purchase.

Closing costs are common and anticipated home buying expenses, and will typically be covered with one large lump-sum payment. Closing costs tend to range between 3% and 6% of the mortgage’s value, so a $350,000 mortgage might bear closing costs of $10,500 to $21,000. In this light, a typical home inspection, which is often billed at or below $1,000 – even with multiple ancillary services attached – seems far more reasonable as part of the bigger package than it might appear on its own.

The numbers don’t lie. FlexFund helps home inspectors make more money from every job. Once again, here are those headline statistics…

    • 24% average increase in inspection invoices
    • $124.18 average increase in inspection invoice values
    • $14.00 average increase in inspection prices (to offset fees)
    • $2,791 average increase in overall revenue
    • $0 credit card processing fees for FlexFund transactions
  • More ancillary services sold per inspection
  • ZERO resistance from clients to higher prices!

Want to start making more money from every inspection job with FlexFund? Sign up to add it to your ISN account today – just click here to get started!