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Guardian facilitated a seamless transition from my previous processor. The staff is friendly, professional and competent. They know how to get this done, and they helped me through every step of the on boarding process. Also, their system and dashboard are simple and straightforward without intermediaries and complicated functions, and they integrate fully with our order tracking/customer interface system. Further, they are saving me money! I am glad I made the switch and I look forward to a long, happy relationship with Guardian as a critical partner in my business.

- Ed Roberson with HomeTeam Inspection Service
North Carolina

My experience was not what I expected when I decided to set up an account to except credit cards for my business. The process has been nothing short of inspiring to see that customer service has not been lost but has been taken to a new level. I have never had any business relationship were I had questions but didn’t have to ask. They were anticipated and answered before I could think of them. That is a true sign of experience and dedication. Thanks for all your efforts.

- Dana Stringer with All Covered Home Inspection
Woodstock, GA

This is my first merchant account and I wasn’t really sure where to start but the process was made very easy and the customer service was great. They were very quick to respond to my emails and offered the right advice for me every time. I high recommend Guardian Financial for your merchant account services!

- Richard Wintrow with Gem City Inspections
Dayton, Ohio

So far working with Guardian has been great! They set my account up for me…I didn’t have to do a thing. And credit card payments that come in after 5 pm are still in my account the next morning. The previous company we used would settle the accounts before 3pm and any credit card payments after that time weren’t in the bank until at least two days later. In my opinion this is what a credit card processing company should be.

- Randy Jorgenson with HomeTeam Inspection Service
Spokane, WA

It took me 18 years of business before I elected to accept credit cards. In fact, after initially speaking with Aaron it took me another year to make up my mind. Aaron was patient with me and casually followed up during this time. Overall dealing with Aaron was easy. Paperwork was straightforward and the process was automated to the extent that it took very little of my time. More importantly, one of my concerns is that whomever I deal with be a long term player in the processing business. Homegauge appears to have taken a long term position with Aaron, giving me some comfort he will be there if I need him down the road.
I recommend Aaron and Guardian Financial if you are shopping for a processing company.

- Edward with Southern Home Inspections
Cooper City, FL

Starting a new business can be both exciting and frustrating. Between establishing an LLC, getting a business license, insurance web hosting and marketing there were mountains of forms and endless fees. I was relieved that when the time came to set up credit card processing for my business Guardian Financial was there for me. My agent walked me through a quick and simple process and I was up and running in minutes, Best of all, it costs nothing up front to get started, and I’m only charged a small fraction of the credit card transactions that they process, there are no other recurring fees. I could not be happier, and I highly recommend Guardian Financial.

- Mike Oswald with Top Floor Home Inspections
Clinton, MI

Ben was wonderful to work with. He took the time to help me understand my options and all the details. I highly recommend working with Ben and his team for your credit card processing needs.

- Bill Kennedy with Assurity Inspections
Centennial, CO

Ben has been very helpful and responsive from the start with us and our inspectors. He never hesitates to answer or address any issues and really gets what great customer service is all about. They have competitive rates and payouts and we’ve enjoyed working with them.

- Kevin Wagstaff with Spectora
Denver, Colorado

My great experience with Guardian Financial happened due to the great customer service on the initial phone call. I was still convinced to go with the “other” company and told the Guardian rep this, but he still emailed me with info and answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask. After getting no confident answers for the questions I asked from the “other” company, it became apparent that I needed the support and advice from Guardian Financial, as I was not going to be getting it elsewhere. I would highly recommend Guardian Financial to anyone needing a credit card service provider.

- Veteran’s Pride Inspection Services
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Switching to guardian financial was a breeze. In the weeks leading up to the switch I had been trying to get a hold of my previous credit card processor. After hours on hold, unanswered emails, and even unanswered texts (they had a text in option if you were on hold too long) I was fed up. Ready to switch, but not wanting to deal with the hassle of switching. Guardian Financial took the hassle out of it and left me with not a single reason not to switch. They have helped all the way through the process and usually respond to emails extremely quick. If you’re considering switching, do it. You won’t be disappointed.

- Reece Campbell with HomeTeam Inspection Service
Omaha, NE

I’m a new home inspector and really wanted to build my business for 2 inspections per day 5-6 days a week right out of the gate. Securing the proper technical training, marketing programs and business processes can be like drinking from a fire hose anytime you deploy all there at the same time. On the business processes side I wanted to use ISN for total integration from order entry, to reporting software integration and finally credit card processor integration. Well all was going great until I realized that my standard PayPal Business account would not integrate and they wanted much higher fees for PayPal Pro. In comes Guardian and Ben Tolman to my rescue! Not only is Guardian’s fees less than my free PayPal Business account, but with Ben’s help the integration to ISN only took me about 30 minutes tops. From account creation to ISN template modification and remember this is my first week using ISN! I also opened and integrate my business checking account with Guardian the same day. Now I can finally focus on doing quality home inspections for my clients and let Guardian keep the money flowing into my bank account.

- Don Shaw with HomeCheck Property Inspections
Tifton, GA

After just a little research, I noticed the difference with Guardian Financial right away. Their services were on par with most of their competitors, but their story was so much more. I found real faces and families on their website. It gave the personal difference I was looking for. All the other companies appeared very corporate, while Guardian Financial put a face to the service. I reached out for a quote and my research was confirmed right away. I received a phone call from the very man I saw on the website and he was a pleasure to work with. He made the process so easy. Within a day, I was completely set up and ready to accept payments. I look forward to working with them and highly recommend their service to any owner looking to add merchant services to their business.

- Desiree Mortenson with Amerispec Inspection Services
Colorado Springs, CO

Finding a company to accept credit cards through was a bit overwhelming in the beginning as I was afraid of fees and contracts etc. Signing up with Guardian was easy from the beginning. Their simple explanation of cost and no contract put me at ease to ask for more information. After reviewing the final details it was even more simple than I imagined; and the low-cost is true! I had clear and simple directions and guidance to assist me from beginning to end. The website used to manage the account is perfectly simple as well, I honestly could not be more pleased!

- Megan Keith with Certified Property Inspections
Port Saint Lucie, FL

Guardian Financial has been our go-to vendor for credit card processing for over 10 years. They are always accessible and always looking out for our best interests. Both Aaron and Ben are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience as well as ways to save costs smartly. Recently they proactively found a way to help us save on our monthly fees and every little bit helps. There is a reason we have been with them this long; we feel no one else can match their commitment and service.

- Bob with Waypoint Inspections
Riverview, FL

Using Guardian Financial has been one of my very positive business decisions. The system is not only easy to learn, but the ease of integration was simple as 1-2-3.
Now my customers can very easily pay through my online portal using Guardian Financial.

- Magary Aime with Aime Tech Home Inspections
Valley Stream, NY

It was seamless. So, nice not to have issues or confusion. Thanks!

- Penny with A2Z Inspection Services
Peyton, CO

I signed up with guardian on January 1 of 2019 and I couldn’t be happier. There rates were the lowest I found, and the entire setup process was super easy.

- Justin Peck with Insight Inspections
Bellville, TX

The Guys at Guardian walked us through the entire process of setting up our account from start to finish. We are looking forward to a long relationship.

- Steve with A-Pro Alliance
Spanish Fort, AL

I’m a new home inspector and wasn’t sure how to get set up with taking card payments, but I knew I wanted to work with the best company and get the best rates, but companies all seem to claim that so I didn’t know who to trust. I checked out a few others online, and then came across the webinar that Aaron from Guardian did with Ben from InterNACHI, and hearing how he only works with inspectors, knows the inspection industry, and truly cares for his clients was enough for me to reach out to him. He responded fast, and I didn’t feel like just another client getting pushed through a system, he made sure to be there for all my questions, made the process super easy, and was transparent about everything. So let me tell you; Guardian is the best card company, with the best rates and also a personal connection which was important to me. At least give them a call so that you can see for yourself.

- Joshua Johnson with Blueberry Inspections
Raleigh, NC

Thank you for your credit card processing system. It has now been nearly two years since I started working with Guardian Financial to process my credit card payments. This has helped me to streamline my home inspection business. I love getting paid before I inspect a home. In the past I lost lots of valuable time calling, emailing and tracking down clients trying to get paid after the home inspection. I no longer need to end my inspection begging to get paid for my service. Now most of my clients pay online, in advance, with your credit card app. Guardian Financial is the only honest credit card processing company I have found. They make the cost of their service perfectly clear. I appreciate how Aaron Fuhriman personally helped me get this system set up and I have had no problems or complaints since it has been set up. Guardian Financial is the BEST!

- Greg Oswalt with Perfection Home Inspections
Mesa, AZ

I am thrilled that we decided to switch to Guardian Financial. I had no idea it would be so easy! In less than 1 day of speaking with Aaron, he was able to get my account set up, banking information entered, and fully integrated with our ISN scheduling software with minimal effort on my part. Since switching only 3 days ago, we’ve had several clients prepay for their inspections! I love the fact that it fully integrates with our ISN scheduling system to show the inspection has been paid for without my having to enter anything. And the best part? The full amount of the inspection hits our bank account! I don’t have to make a separate entry every day in accounting software to calculate the transaction fees! I LOVE the fact that we receive one bill the next month. It will make recording each transaction into our accounting software and reconciliations so much easier. I wish I knew about Guardian years ago!”

- Brian McDonald with McDonald Home Inspections
Lunenburg, MD

I purchased an existing WIN Home Inspection and actually started doing inspections within the first couple days of being up and running. This quick start, actually made me aware of not having the ability to collect payments. Long story short, I called Guardian and we started the process on Tuesday and I was up and running by the next day. The customer service and support was excellent and the expedience with which we were able to complete the setup helped prevent any more delay in accepting online and credit card payments. Thanks guys!

- Brant Humphrey with WIN Home Inspections Billings
Billings, MT

Guardian help me implement the credit card processing which gave me more time to spend on my business and personal life. The transaction was smooth, and the services have competitive pricing.
I would highly recommend Guardian to anyone considering to implement credit services.
Thank you Guardian!

- Daniel Hunsaker with Right Home Inspections
Cary, Illinois

Signing up with Guardian Financial could not have been easier. They provided me with clear instructions of exactly what was needed, set my expectations, answered my questions, assisted along the way, and then delivered faster-than-promised results. With a lot of choices out there, they certainly differentiated themselves and made the whole process easier than expected. I highly recommend Guardian Financial.

- Dan Chapleski with True North Inspection Services
Coeur d’Alene, ID

We have been using Guardian for over 10 years and every year they bend over backwards to make sure that we are taken care of. Thanks for all the hard work!

- Janette with Funky Monkey Fireworks
Kingston, OK

As a new business owner, it is great to have Guardian on my team. Their customer service has been amazing! They helped me get set up and are there for me now when I have questions.

- Mel with THI, The Home Inspector
Ringold, GA

After we signed up with Guardian, we did a home inspection for a gentleman who originally indicated he would pay by check. He forgot to bring his checkbook to the inspection, so we immediately went to our Guardian app, entered his credit card info, and the transaction went through smoothly. Posted to our business account the next morning. We were impressed and extremely happy with how easy it was to use the app and how quickly the money showed up in our bank. Kudos!!!

- Stephen Midkiff with Premier Inspections
Providence Forge, VA

Being a member of the Horizon community, and an interNACHI member, I was happy to find out that Guardian was a provider for both organizations. Being able to process credit cards on-site is important to me, as the previous business I was involved with couldn’t do that. My biggest hold-back was taking the time to do the installation, which was quick and easy. Don’t hesitate to to take this step, as it will only benefit you in the future.

- C.H. McCutcheon with On Site Property Inspection
East Palestine, OH

Credit Card processing in the AmeriSpec Management System provides efficient service to our customers, agents & inspectors.

87% of our inspections complete payment authorizations in advance, freeing the inspector for better service to our customers and their agents.

Guardian set up our processing with very competitive rates, prompt processing and the ability to complete subsequent charges when necessary. Their payments can be synced to Quick Books for accounting automation and efficiency. We highly recommend them.

- Charles Lyday with Amerispec
Deerfield, FL

I have used several credit card processing services over the years and most recently I have been using Square. I switched to Guardian based on recommendations from other home inspector that have used Guardian. The main reason for switching is their seamless operation with Inspection Support Network (ISN), with my other provider I did not have this. Switching over to Guardian was extremely easy, the information that was provided made the entire process painless. I’m sure I will be pleased with their services as it has been great so far and I can recommend Guardian to anyone looking for a credit card processing service.

- Scott Patterson with Trace Inspections
Nashville, TN

Guardian Financial has been an exceptional choice for my business from the beginning. I was referred to Guardian by a friend who had nothing but positive words
to say regarding the service he has been provided through them. I made one inquiry to obtain rates and to learn more about Guardian. With in the same day I was contacted by Ben Tolman of Guardian. Ben not only explained everything I wanted to hear but he quickly followed through with what he claimed. Running a small business like mine it is difficult to manage all aspects financially and spend the time to find the ” best option” for your financial needs. What I found through Guardian was not only proficiency setting up my account but I truly feel like I am part of a team of professionals which makes my company that much better. Ben was consistent with his follow up and made my choice one of the easiest transactions I have had to make with a start up company. My recommendation goes without saying, Guardian works for you and would be a plus to any company starting up or already vested. Thank you Ben and the entire Guardian family for making me feel like My small company matters.

- Jim with Prospec Inspections
Wenatchee, WA

The experience with Guardian was better than I could have hoped for. Another online service was recommended to me. I signed up and purchased equipment to make it work. When they put my logo on my website, it was upside down. I emailed them several times and no response. I did a trial purchase on my website and it did not work. I needed something more reliable and trustworthy. My software provider recommended Guardian. When I contacted Guardian, Aaron was my contact. Everything went smooth from there. It was setup in two days. A trial transaction went through without any problems. Today I had my first transaction and I have been paid. I recommend Guardian without reservation.

- Sam Jones with Pacific RV Inspection Services
Winchester, OR

As a new business owner, I knew that it was important to have a credit card clearing company that had my best interests in mind. I was directed to Guardian Financial by the HomeGuage team (a home inspection software reporting system). Ben promptly set me up and within a few days I was up and running. The best part about using Guardian Financial was the competitive rates and ease of use.

I would recommend Guardian Financial for those setting up their business for the first time. It is great having Guardian Financial as a business partner

- Russell Newsom with My Home Inspection
Lehi, UT

My experience with Guardian Financial has been nothing but first class! Ben Tolman has taken the time above and beyond, even responding to emails and questions after hours.
I have used Guardian Financial in the past and once again I have been impressed with the level of service. Setting everything up for my online payments has been seamless and easy with the setup instructions and follow up of explanations provided by Ben and his team.
I would highly recommend Guardian Financial, and look forward to continued business together.
Thanks again!!

- Malcolm with Kettle Valley Home Inspections
Penticton, BC

As I set up my online presence I wanted a very smooth customer experience. I wanted people to be able to log on to my website and learn about our service, be able to order our service, esign a contract, book an appointment and pay for our home inspection service. To do the later I needed an easy to integrate and proven financial partner that could securely take payments online and via my smart phone. I chose Guardian financial because they came highly recommended by my website and software provider HomeGauge. Guardian financial made the set up and test process so easy and in less than a few days I am up and running. I highly recommend Guardian and their solution if you are looking for a way to take electronic payments.

- Simon Eastwick with Izon Houz Inspections
The Woodlands, TX

Approximately 80% of our revenue is processed through on-line credit card transactions. Therefore, I had concerns over whether to switch processing companies. It was imperative that the transition be easy and seamless for our end-user clients. In addition, it was important for the transition to be seamless and easy for our company – less work, not more!
I was amazed how easy the transition was for all parties involved. The transition occurred within hours, and with very little work required on our part. Furthermore, the records we receive after each transaction provide considerably more detail and clarity than any processor we have used in the past. Timeliness with crediting to our account is also a big improvement.
Thanks, we are very happy to have this new affiliation.

- Mike Faulconer with HomeTeam Inspection Service
Johnson County, KS

Guardian Financial has been wonderful to work with. I am a home inspector and working with ISN (Inspection Support Network). My ISN representative said they have many financial companies I could go with but she recommended Guardian Financial. She said it would be easier to work with Guardian and trouble-free with the ISN software.
Thank you Guardian Financial!!!

- Eric O’Neill with Steadfast Inspections
Dawsonville, GA

Thank you Ben for all your help. You did you did an awesome job helping me set everything up. Everything is working flawlessly and that gives me real peace of mind. I would definitely recommend others to Guardian Financial.
David Thomason

- David Thomason with Southern Family Home Inspections
Temple, GA

Ben was great helping me to fix a problem I had inadvertently created. Starting a business can be very trying especially when navigating through unknown territory. Ben made it simple for me and was very kind. Thank you so much!

- Sandy Owczar with K&S Home Inspections

My experience with Guardian Financial has been excellent from the first time I spoke with Aaron on the phone. I am in the middle of starting a business and the last thing I wanted was another week long project of having to figure something out.
Guardian made the process of opening my merchant account simple, quick, and easy. Every time I emailed with a question in those first few days, I had an almost instantaneous reply.
Their communications were always very detailed, explaining everything I needed to know about the different parties involved in my credit card transactions.
I’m very satisfied with their rates and highly recommend their service. You’ve got enough on your plate, let Guardian do some heavy lifting for you.

- Kristofer with 4 Sons Home Inspection
Spring HIll. TN

I’ve been wanting to integrate Guardian for awhile now but have been hesitant about the set up process, etc. It couldn’t have been easier and stress free. I made a phone call and within minutes I had the application to fill out. They set up the integration for you and in about a day, you’re set up to receive payments.
Simple. Simple.

- Scott Mantecon with Pacific West Home Inspection
San Clemente, CA

Ben and the team at Guardian Financial were wonderful to work with. This was my first time setting up an account of this type online and he was there to personally walk me through any questions I had. I would highly recommend Guardian Financial to anyone looking for this type of service. Not only is their customer service outstanding, they also have the best rates available.

- Jeff DeMarco with Bold City Home Inspections
Atlantic Beach, FL

This Fall, I decided to test out the new Home Inspector Pro Office system but had already signed up for merchant services with another company. As I became more familiar with the program and made repeated attempts to communicate with my merchant service provider for set up, I made the decision to sign up with Guardian Financial which was recommended by Home Inspector Pro. As soon as the sign up was complete, I had an email with directions for set up from Aaron Fuhriman, Co-Founder of the company. When I had a question regarding set up, he worked directly with me to resolve the issue. Within a few short days, our merchant account was up and running and we were ready for business. Thank you Guardian Financial for your great customer service and for a product that is easy to use!

- Tony Duchac with Yellow Dog Inspections
Milwaukee, WI