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FlexFund – How it Works and How it Will Grow Your Business

Pay at Close is a phrase that typically creates a negative reaction from home inspectors, and we completely understand why. Waiting for payment from your clients for what could be weeks or months, combined with dealing with title companies, can be a hassle. It can also be very risky since some home sales may not even make it to closing, resulting in your business potentially not getting paid at all. But with ISN’s newest FlexFund payment feature, all of these risks go out the window and change everything you THOUGHT you knew about this payment option. Here’s how it works and how it will grow your inspection business. **Please note that currently, this payment feature is only available to home inspectors who are using ISN**

How it Works:

  1. Your home inspection business will send an invoice to your clients via ISN the same way that you always have. In addition to other payment options, however, (credit card, ACH, etc.) they will also be given the option to pay for their inspection at closing.
  2. If your client selects the FlexFund option, they will be prompted to input their title company information. If they do not know their title company information, no problem! They can instead select the option to have Guardian contact their real estate agent for that info.
  3. ISN processes your inspection and Guardian handles the rest. You receive full, up-front payment for your inspection from Guardian, and we handle everything thereafter with the title companies. You get paid no matter what – even if the sale of the home doesn’t make it to closing.

So, what’s the value in the FlexFund program and how can it help you grow your home inspection business?

  • Sell more ancillary services! As a home inspector, recommending additional inspection services such as a sewer scope or radon inspection can be difficult if your client’s funds are limited. With a FlexFund option, your client will often be more open to these extra services, allowing your business to increase the number of transactions related to ancillary services. It’s a win-win for both you and your client.
  • This is a service that can provide a pay-later option for homebuyers that may be short on cash or watching their credit card purchases during the pending sale of a home. First-time homebuyers may be especially cautious with extra spending while putting cash to the side for their down payment and moving expenses. A pay-later option can help their financial planning and reduce stress during a pending close.
  • Almost all homebuyers are cautioned against any large purchases on their credit cards during the pending sale of a home to ensure they can lock into a decent interest rate.
  • Looking to build relationships with new agents? Providing this service is almost a guaranteed way to open doors to new realtors and separate yourself from competitors.

Have more questions or ready to get onboarded? Visit or give us a call at 1-800-608-7363.