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The 4 ways marketing FlexFund to agents gives you a competitive edge 

When it comes to referral discussions with agents, payment terms are often overlooked. That’s a missed opportunity, because Inspectors offering FlexFund bring immense value to both agents and homebuyers.  

Let’s dive into four ways marketing FlexFund to agents gives you a competitive edge in the market. 

Stand out with agents 

Your service menu might be as comprehensive as they come—covering mold detection, chimney inspections, roof evaluations, sewer scopes, and radon tests. Yet, agents have likely heard it all before. So, how do you make your pitch unforgettable? Stand out by making your payment terms as flexible as possible for the client. 

FlexFund is that solution. It’s an additional payment method that enables homebuyers to pay at closing while you get paid upfront. It’s a game-changer and works best when marketed early, before clients start shopping for inspection services. 

Flexibility is a win-win-win

Real estate agents prefer working with inspectors they know, trust, and who show flexibility with buyers. It’s common to encounter homebuyers who are either cash-strapped or have less-than-perfect credit. Simply put, for these clients, more payment options means a higher chance of securing their business. 

When an agent has a client who could benefit from a pay-at-close option, they’re more likely to refer them to an inspector offering FlexFund. Agents want a seamless, stress-free buying experience that closes deals quickly. FlexFund delivers just that, creating a win-win-win scenario for inspectors, agents, and homebuyers. 

FlexFund results in more comprehensive inspections 

First-time homebuyers often know a home inspection is crucial but might not be aware of all the available services. The best agents want their clients to know about all the services you offer. When clients see a full menu, they often want to bundle services but hesitate due to upfront costs, especially with a down payment and moving expenses looming. FlexFund alleviates this concern, allowing them to defer payment until closing. This peace of mind encourages them to opt for more comprehensive inspections, protecting them from unforeseen issues in their new home. Inspectors who offer FlexFund see an average increase of $154 per inspection. 

Enhanced experience for agents and buyers 

Agents appreciate the value of a pay-at-close option even more than their clients. It’s a great conversation starter when prospecting because it’s free and beneficial. By marketing FlexFund to agents, you provide them with something valuable to pass on to buyers. 

From the buyer’s perspective, the discussion becomes easier as they’re not pressured to pay upfront or skimp on necessary services. They can request what they need, knowing they’ll pay later, which enhances their overall experience. 

Don’t let payment terms slip through the cracks when talking to agents. You never know what might catch their attention, and FlexFund is a standout differentiator. Add FlexFund to your payment options and keep reminding agents about it—it might just be the key to winning more inspections. 

Because a little flexibility goes a long way.