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Why Agents and Brokers Should Be Working With FlexFund Home Inspectors?

There are millions of realtors, with thousands competing for leads and sales in any large metropolitan area. It’s critical to differentiate, and one key way to do so is by offering a seamless, streamlined way for buyers and sellers to complete their transactions.

Of course, a typical real estate transaction involves numerous parties working to validate and secure the deal, from mortgage lenders to home inspectors. Each step you can streamline can make your work as a realtor easier, which should (hopefully) result in easier transactions, which should make buyers and sellers more eager to work with you.

At Guardian, we’re all about making things easier for our home inspection partners, and we believe this focus makes life easier for the realtors they work with as well.

Our latest effort is FlexFund, giving home inspectors a guaranteed way to receive payment for their inspections – and as a realtor, you won’t have to worry about anything once the inspection is completed.

Here’s how it works from your vantage point:

  1. Your chosen home inspector completes their job and sends an invoice, which can be paid by credit card, ACH, or other upfront options – but when they use ISN, they can also offer FlexFund.
  2. Selecting FlexFund sends the invoice to the title company handling the deal. If your buyers or sellers don’t know the title company off the top of their heads, you’ll be asked to step in so you can route things to the right party.
  3. ISN and Guardian Inspection Payments will take over at this point to process the payment to your inspector through your chosen title company, even if the sale doesn’t close.

What’s the upside to FlexFund over more traditional upfront payments for home inspections? There’s an obvious benefit to streamlining the transaction process, which can make it a bit quicker to close on the sale of a home or apartment. But in today’s wobbly economy, there’s also a clear benefit to reducing your clients’ upfront costs by packaging their home inspection fees into the closing costs.

When the market was hot, the main benefit to offering FlexFund home inspections centered on speed to close – by giving your home-buying clients fewer hoops to jump through, you gave them an edge over other buyers when home sales could be measured in days rather than weeks or months.

Real estate sales are still taking place on shorter timelines than they did in years past, but homebuyers may be less eager to pay for ancillary services (like home inspections and related work, like sewer scopes or radon inspections) upfront. Offering FlexFund gives these prospective buyers a way to pay for these services with their mortgage money, which can be deployed at closing to cover a range of applicable costs.

Want to find out more about FlexFund, and reach out to home inspectors in your area who offer this value-added service option? Call us at 1-800-608-7363 to start working with a FlexFund inspector near you.