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FlexFund by the Numbers – Real Results

FlexFund’s “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) payment method allows home inspectors to offer clients a convenient way to cover inspection costs as part of their closing costs. 

Launched in early 2022, FlexFund removes the hassle of collecting payments and makes it more seamless: inspections are paid upfront by Guardian, and Guardian collects payment from the title company, even if the sale falls through.

It’s in the numbers

FlexFund has been a game-changer for home inspectors looking to maximize their earnings. We ran the 2023 numbers, and here’s what we learned:

  • Inspectors using FlexFund generated an average of $6,298.32 in extra revenue between January and October. That’s just for adding FlexFund, without changing anything else!
  • One top performing inspection company earned an additional $90K using FlexFund! 
  • Across the board, invoice values jumped by an average of 30% ($154.63), with some inspectors even doubling their average invoice thanks to FlexFund. The highest recorded increase? A whopping $600 per inspection!

The average price increase to cover FlexFund fees ($7) encountered zero resistance from clients. In fact, inspectors reported upselling more ancillary services per inspection with FlexFund.

How does FlexFund work?

FlexFund essentially serves as a sort of inspection-payment collection agency that works directly with your clients’ title company. And, it seamlessly integrates with your ISN account. Clients simply choose to include the inspection cost with their closing costs, eliminating the need to handle any large transactions in the period leading to their purchase.

Closing costs are an expected part of purchasing a home, usually paid in a single lump sum. While they can range from 2% to 6% of the mortgage value, even a seemingly large closing cost on a $350,000 mortgage ($10,500 to $21,000) becomes more manageable when considered alongside the overall investment. In this light, a typical home inspection, which is often billed at or below $1,000 – even with multiple ancillary services attached – seems far more reasonable as part of the bigger package than it might appear on its own.

What are the benefits to using FlexFund? 

So, why would home inspectors want to offer a pay-later option to their clients? With a BNPL, you can:

  • Increase your revenue—Sell more ancillary services and increase your overall ticket prices
  • Get paid quickly—Receive your payment within one business day of completing the inspection, guaranteed
  • Save time—Use your time on scheduling, marketing, and customer service 
  • Make your realtors and customers happy—Offer a solution to homebuyers that are watching their spend

What’s FlexFund worth to home inspectors?

FlexFund helps home inspectors make more money from every job. Like we shared earlier, numbers from our active users illustrate what’s possible. Here’s a recap:

  • 30% average increase in inspection invoices 
  • $154.63 average increase in inspection invoice values 
  • $6,298.32 average increase in overall revenue (January 1 – October 31, 2023)

Ready to start making more money from every inspection job with FlexFund?

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P.S. Did we mention zero credit card processing fees for FlexFund transactions? Another sweet bonus!