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Drive Maximum Revenue Using FlexFund: Marketing Best Practices

FlexFund has been a game-changer* for home inspectors looking to maximize their earnings. 

One way to leverage the power of FlexFund is by marketing it effectively, letting your network know what it is and how it works. This helps it become more than just a payment option; it becomes a differentiator, setting you apart from the competition.

If your network doesn’t know it exists, you’re missing out on potential bookings. They need to see the value FlexFund brings before they start recommending you.

Sure, you might still see some growth by mentioning FlexFund during inspections. Upselling additional services can boost revenue. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Unlocking FlexFund’s true potential lies in proactive marketing.

Why Use FlexFund?

Just a quick recap before we move on to marketing tactics. 

FlexFund isn’t just another “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) option. It’s a solution designed with both homebuyers and businesses in mind. FlexFund goes beyond just a financial tool; it’s about building trust, transparency, and a smoother experience for everyone involved. By using FlexFund, you are:

  • Increasing revenue by selling more ancillary services and increase overall ticket prices

  • Receiving payment within one business day of completing the inspection, guaranteed

  • Saving time to focus on scheduling, marketing, and customer service 

  • Offering homebuyers that are watching their spend a solution 

The flexibility of FlexFund also means that it’s easy to add services for a more complete home inspection, resulting in increased revenue for you. If your customer needs to add additional services like radon testing or termite inspections late in the game… no problem, just add it to the invoice.

Boost Your Revenue with These Best Practices

We get it. Marketing a new service like FlexFund might feel like another item on your already full plate. But, by integrating FlexFund into your presentations, social media, and email outreach, your network will start to see the value FlexFund brings (and start driving more referrals your way). Here’s how to get started:

Inform Your Network

It’s super important that you inform your real estate agent network about the unique buy now, pay later payment feature you now offer.

Remind agents that this pay-later option is a free service to the client, making it a great choice for those who may be short on cash or feeling cautious about extra spending with a down payment and moving expenses on the near horizon. Stress that FlexFund provides clients with an overall smoother homebuying experience. 

Note: Guardian offers a free email template to send to agents. Read more about what’s included in our free marketing kit below.

Integrate FlexFund Into Your Marketing and Sales Pitch

Many of you have polished presentations, informative collateral, and an active online presence, including social media and email campaigns, to maintain visibility within your agent networks. This is precisely where we propose that you seamlessly integrate FlexFund, weaving it into your existing promotional materials and communication channels. 

You’ll attract more bookings as your network learns more about the convenience of a delayed payment feature.

Take Advantage of our Free Marketing Kit

Speaking of marketing and sales, we’re here to help. Guardian offers a free marketing kit for those of you using FlexFund. From social assets and email templates to presentations and one-pagers, these deliverables will make all the difference when you’re ready to get the word out.   

The FlexFund marketing kit includes:

  • FlexFund Social Media Graphic: Promotional graphic that can be used make an announcement on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

  • FlexFund Trifold Brochure: Informative brochure that can serve as a leave-behind for agents and clients. 

  • FlexFund Inspector Presentation: Insert into your own Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation for clients.

  • FlexFund One-Pager: Copy and paste into the body of an email, or print as a flyer. 

  • Digital and Email Assets: FAQ document, email template for real estate agents, email templates for mortgage and title companies.

Guardian even offers customized digital assets that include your logo and contact information. Please contact [email protected] for more information and to request your free kit.

Ready to Give Your Business a Boost?

We’d love to hear from you. Email [email protected] to request a free, customized FlexFund marketing kit. Give us a call at 1-800-608-7363 or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

* Inspectors who offer FlexFund average a 30% ($154) increase in revenue per inspection.