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Why We Reduced FlexFund’s Pricing by 33%


We’ve got some great news to share with you about our FlexFund program.

If you’ve been using FlexFund, you already know it’s a game-changer for inspection payments. If you haven’t used FlexFund yet, here’s a quick rundown:

  • When you offer FlexFund, Guardian funds your inspection fees upfront

  • Guardian collects payments from your clients via their title company at closing

  • You’ll get paid whether or not the home sale closes

When we introduced FlexFund, pricing was set at a flat fee of $75 per inspection. This fee was determined through market research — other similar services we found typically charged between $75 to $125, often billing the homebuyer directly.

We never wanted to put that extra cost burden on the buyer, because our work with inspectors had shown that it’s often easier to handle additional per-inspection service fees by helping inspectors change their rates. This approach will continue…with one major change we think you’ll like.

So, What’s the Big News?

After watching how FlexFund has worked for you all, it became clear that we could, and should, offer the same amazing service for even less.

We’ve examined data from over 20,000 FlexFund transactions (that’s a lot of inspections!) to come to the conclusion that we will be dropping the original $75 fee to just $50* per transaction!

We’re extremely grateful to our current FlexFund users, whose trust in our service means the world to us. We hope this new fee structure brings a smile to your face, and some more profit to your bank accounts.

The Real Impact of FlexFund

On average, inspectors using FlexFund see 30% more revenue per inspection. Much of this increase comes from the ease of selling add-on services like radon checks or sewer scopes when buyers pay through their closing costs. Inspectors have told us there’s zero pushback from buyers when offered this payment choice.

In fact, many homebuyers love this payment option. Why? They don’t need cash in hand to pay your fee, and they also won’t need to pull out any credit cards, which can dent their credit right before buying their dream home.

The lower fee makes a real difference in inspector earnings at all levels, with larger improvements as average fees and average monthly inspections increase – and let’s not forget that you have the power to set your rates as you like, which means you could raise prices by $50 across the board to offset the fee entirely.

FlexFund was created to make life easier for everyone involved in the home inspection process, and we believe it’s met this goal. With our new pricing, we hope even more of you will decide to join up and experience the FlexFund difference.



*A $50.00 fee will be applied to FlexFund transactions between $0-$999; for inspection transactions of $1,000 or more, the FlexFund fee will remain $75.00; at this time, the maximum transaction amount allowed when using FlexFund remains $2,000