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Hear What Inspectors Have to Say About FlexFund

Inspectors’ Testimonials Shine Spotlight on FlexFund Benefits

FlexFund transforms the way home inspections are financed. By offering buyers the option to pay their home inspection fees at a later time, FlexFund reduces pushback from buyers who may already be stretched thin during the home buying process. This not only alleviates financial strain but also helps streamline the transaction process, leading to faster closings and happier clients.

Below are responses from actual FlexFund customers when asked to describe what FlexFund has meant for their business.

Increases Overall Ticket Prices

For property inspection companies like Elite Group Property Inspection, FlexFund is more than just a financing tool – it’s a game-changer. By reducing pushback from buyers, FlexFund enables inspectors to focus on delivering high-quality services without worrying about financial constraints. 

By offering buyers the option to finance their inspection fees, you can upsell ancillary services, leading to increased revenue and profitability.

“FlexFund drastically reduces inspection fee pushback from buyers who have already been stretched thin during the home buying process. This solution also opens the floodgates when it comes to selling more ancillary services and increasing our overall ticket prices. This is where everybody wins.” – Chad Hett, Owner, Elite Group Property Inspection

Chad Hett’s testimonial underscores the impact of FlexFund on both buyers and inspectors. By removing financial barriers and facilitating additional service offerings, FlexFund improves the home inspection process.

Sets You Apart from the Competition

Desmond Thornton from Thornton Home Inspections describes FlexFund as a “lifesaver” for his business. In a challenging market, where business was slow and agents needed a boost, FlexFund helped Thornton Home Inspections grow its bottom line, and gave them a competitive edge by offering a unique service to clients and agents alike.

“Guardians pay at close option, better known as FlexFund, was a life saver for myself and my business when I started in November of 2021. Business was slow and I needed something to re-energize our agents, and this is a tool that was able to not only help our business grow the bottom line, but gives us something to give to our agents that sets us apart from the competition. To this day we have between 30 and 40% of our clients utilizing this service, making us an extra 24% on average on every transaction. Thank you to Guardian Inspection Payments!” -Desmond Thornton, Thornton Home Inspections

As Desmond Thornton’s testimonial demonstrates, FlexFund is more than just a financing option – it’s a catalyst for growth. By leveraging the power of FlexFund, you have the opportunity to differentiate yourself, drive revenue, and provide exceptional service to clients.

Removes Customer Concerns

Industry professionals like Ron Hill of HomeTeam have experienced firsthand the power of flexible financing solutions. 

“Since we first started offering FlexFund, our conversations with realtors about it have been overwhelmingly positive, and our ability to differentiate ourselves much easier. Realtors understand the impact a significant charge to their clients’ credit card or checking account can have during the buying process, and FlexFund removes all of those concerns.” – Ron Hill, HomeTeam – South Jacksonville

Ron’s experience with FlexFund highlights its role as a win-win-win solution for inspectors, real estate professionals, and clients. By removing financial barriers and simplifying transactions, FlexFund enables you to differentiate yourself in a competitive market while ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable home buying experience for clients.

Maximizes Your Revenue

With a BNPL option, you can increase your revenue by selling more ancillary services and focus on what matters – providing great service for your clients.

Bottom line, FlexFund helps home inspectors make more money from every job. The numbers tell the story: 

  • 30% average increase in inspection invoices 
  • $154.63 average increase in inspection invoice values 
  • $6,298.32 average increase in overall revenue (January 1 – October 31, 2023)

Check out our FlexFund By The Numbers blog to learn more about how FlexFund benefits inspectors. 

Note: One way to leverage the power of FlexFund is to market it successfully. Unlocking its true potential lies in proactive marketing, including informing your network, integrating it into your marketing and sales pitch, and taking advantage of Guardian’s free marketing kit that includes customizable assets for social media, presentations, email marketing, and print deliverables. Check out our new blog about marketing best practices to get started. 

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